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Could Getting a Divorce Help You Financially?


Catherine New, a writer for the Huffington Post, shares her tale of facing a divorce, and how her financial status was saved as a result of the separation. Having already been through one divorce, she was one her way to her second, and was under thousands of dollars in debt. At the time she filed for a divorce she stated that to her name was only $500 in extra money that could be used in an emergency. Her parents told her that the only way she would come out financially alive from the divorce was if she hired a good attorney, and that is what she did. New claims that never in her life has she been good with money management, and she also claims that her job made a significantly smaller income than that of her soon to be ex-husband.

While she knew that a divorce was what she needed to do, the thought of her finances was heavily weighing on her shoulders. Acknowledging her pain and suffering that was caused from the divorce, she realized that she was willing to pay whatever price necessary to get out, and there was no other option. Instead of selling her ring to pay for attorney fees she decided to take out another loan, though hard move to make she knew it was best. So many new concerns were entering the picture as to life after divorce, she realized that her retirement savings plan grew a new level of importance, while also noted that as she now is forced to rely on a single income she needed to get rid of the “wants” in her life and just keep the things she actually needed. This meant canceling her gym membership and extra traveling and fancy restaurants.

Cutting out these extras can be a hard move to make, but if under pressure to financially survive it was a move that was necessary to make. While living a fragile lifestyle may not be the number one dream for most women, Catherine New received some feedback from her lawyer that affirmed she made the right decision. Her divorce attorney shared that she was so lucky to be able to divorce and survive financially; because many women out in the world will merely stay married to someone they don’t love just so they can remain financially comfortable. Even though the divorce was rough on her normal way of living, she learned to appreciate what she did have, such as a job and a family who was willing to support her in the hard times.

This woman shares her advice with the rest of the world when she says that sometimes learning to manage finances and living life on a smaller budget is worth it if it allows a woman to break free from a marriage that she no longer wants to be in. New claims that because of this daring step she took, it actually proved to be a worthwhile decision and now she has been able to get herself out of debt, she no longer relies on credit cards, and adds money consistently to her pension plan. Self-sufficiency was a tool that was learned as a result of the divorce, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. Whether you are a man or a woman seeking to file for a divorce, it is important to contact a lawyer who can help walk with you through the many facets that are involved. It may just be the best decision for you, and we want to help. Contact the law offices of Hutchinson Law today for more information regarding a divorce.