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Divorces Cause Heartache for Some & Others Turn it Into Inspiration


For many, divorces are a time of heartache and suffering. Even if it was considered to be the best decision for the spouse or for the family, it can still be a difficult time to go through. While some choose to face their trial by finding new habits, making new friends, or joining a gym, others chose to let their heartache inspire them to write. This was the case for Dale Steinfest, who after his tragic divorce in 2002, chose to put his feelings down on paper as a way of coping through the pain. In most situations, when people write stories or poems about their personal heartache, they tend to keep it hidden in a secret journal never to be viewed by another eye. Dale Steinfast decided that he wanted to let other people share in his experience and he created comical songs out of his feelings.

Knowing that people would be more apt to listen if they were a source of entertainment, he wrote in a way that the listeners could laugh along with him. Convinced that his songs were actually an interesting piece of music, he sent them to the executive producer of Hill Top Records, Tom Hartman. The producer liked the songs so much; he asked if Steinfest would write Christmas songs for an upcoming family holiday album called, “Light of the World.” Steinfest claims that his songs are centered around the idea of treating others how you would want them to treat you, which was a crucial aspect that he learned through his divorce. He shares that because of his divorce he was inspired to pursue a passion that he has had since he was young, to write poetry and songs. Perhaps you or someone you know is going through a divorce, it may be a difficult time but after time wounds can heal and new passions can be kindled. Contact the law offices of Hutchinson Law today for more information regarding a divorce.