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How to Determine a Divorce Date


You need your divorce date for a variety of reasons. Just like your date of marriage, your divorce date will be needed for a lot of legal decisions. Chances are that you will remember your divorce date just like you remember your anniversary. Yet maybe you forgot the day that you and your spouse untied the knot. You also may need someone else’s divorce date, such as a deceased family members’. In these cases, the best way to get that date is to determine the location and the court where the divorce took place. Ask friends and family to get information. You can do a search to find a court house where your relatives lived or where you were residing at the time of the split.

Once you have found the court you need, you need to fill out a manual request for at that court house. These forms will require personal information about the parties who divorced, in order to make sure that you are an associate and not a random person seeking unneeded information. You will have to follow the court clerk’s instructions in order to obtain the date. In most court houses, they will provide the date for you for free after you have filled out the paperwork, but brace yourself for the possibility of a fee depending on your jurisdiction.

If you don’t want to go through the courts, you may be able to obtain a divorce date by talking to ex-spouses, family members, or friends who would have been involved in the split. You can also check old newspapers where the divorce may have been published. Admittedly, going through the courts is the best way to get a solid date that is not in danger of being skewed by a third party. If the event happened a long time ago, even friends and family members may not remember the exact day of the split. You can also use public records search directories in order to get this information. You may need to pay a registration fee to gain permission to explore these directories, but they can often get you the information you need. Talk to a Jacksonville family law attorney if you have more questions about finding a divorce date or about divorce in general.