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States Working to Improve Foster Care


Placing children into a safe and loving foster home is a challenge for any social services agency. Several states are now working with family law advocates on additional measures to ensure that children will be placed in homes where the parents will be active in their lives.

States like Wisconsin, Florida and California are having trouble housing all of the foster kids that need homes. Some kids in Florida have been forced to sleep in child welfare offices due to the lack of homes for them to stay. These children need not just homes, but even temporary places to stay until they can find a permanent home.

One of the problems all of these states have met is establishing a connection with people that want to become foster parents. These people often claim that they are unable to reach someone at the child welfare office, that phone calls would go unanswered for weeks on end. By working to improve child welfare offices, these states hope to house more children in the coming years.

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