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"Couples Getaway" Takes on New Meaning at Divorce Hotel


Many resorts offer a couples getaway package, where sweethearts can escape their daily grind and spend some time having fun with each other. But a new hotel is allowing couples to experience a permanent "get away" - from each other. The Divorce Hotel, located in the Netherlands, is specifically designed for people who want to get their divorce over and done with in a timely fashion. At this unique hotel, men and women are given separate accommodations, a lawyer, and all the paperwork needed to file a quick divorce. The hotel's owner told ABC News that the hotel provides all the amenities needed to end a marriage the right way.

Currently, six boutique hotels in the Netherlands offer a divorce package. The instigator of this unique vacation experience says that he hopes to bring The Divorce Hotel to the United States, where one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. He also says that his hotels allow people to view divorce in a positive light, and even enjoy the process. Before people can book a stay at The Divorce Hotel, they are required to interview with the staff. Messy divorces often can't be remedied with the simple processes offered at this hotel, so they double check with each of their couples to make sure that they are mature enough to handle the separation. The Divorce Hotel owner says that he hopes that TV stations will agree to shooting a reality T.V. show about the his hotel, which would help to get publicity out there and encourage people to book a stay.