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America has a Lack of Dependable Daddies


While dads used to be responsible for supporting a family through work, they are not often obligated to care for their kids. In a world that has restructured the family unit, women are no longer responsible for staying at home to tend to the children. In a typical 2012 family, if both parents live at home with the children, then the home is operating on a dual-income and both Mom and Dad work full-time. The children spend their days at school and/or daycare, and then come home at about dinner time. Then, the parents share the responsibility as caretakers because they are both tired from a long day at work. For some dads, the pressure has been too much. Oregon State University did a study on the evolving role of the father and found that most dads can’t handle the pressure. They aren’t cut out to be a nurturer and a provider and a caretaker at all hours of the day.

Oregon State proposes that the many responsibilities that have been tagged onto fatherhood in recent years are partially to blame for the many “bad dads” that are popping up all over the country. Some dads are angry that their responsibilities have changed, and yet that their ultimate goal is simply to be a provider. Most women are more concerned about the alimony and child support in divorce than whether or not their husband will be involved with the children through visitation after the split. As well, men are most likely to stay detached from children that they had outside of wedlock. While a mother is normally tied to her illegitimate child, a father will normally split or will stay out of the picture when it comes to raising a child. As findings become more and more clear, we will be able to determine whether or not America can produce dependable daddies that can provide for their spouse and their kids.