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Moving on After a Divorce


When you are preparing for a divorce, you are preparing to change your life. You have probably been involved in your husband's or wife's day-to-day for years, and now you are seeking to sever yourself from this. If you have children, you may also have to share these little ones with your ex-spouse in the future. It is a new life, and some people are terrified of the unknown that comes when a divorce is finalized. Yet keep in mind that it is healthy to move on after a divorce. Your past marriage may help to inform you of qualities you should avoid in a future spouse, and may be a good learning experience to show you how to improve a future marriage.

There is nothing wrong with getting remarried once your divorce is official. In fact, it is often healthy to have a friend of the opposite gender to help you cope with the loss. If you have children that belong to your previous spouse, it may be smart to take your time easing into a new relationship, especially one that is intended towards marriage, as it will be a huge adjustment for them. Contact a divorce attorney in Jacksonville if you have more questions about post-divorce life, and remarriage after a divorce.