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New Laws Being Passed Regarding Domestic Violence and Strangulation


Law enforcement officials and prosecutors have long had trouble with attempted strangulation cases. Unlike other domestic violence incidents that leave more visible scares, strangulation can be a less visible crime that is labeled as a misdemeanor. However, some say that people that strangle their victims may be trying to do more than just intimidate and scare. Just like in domestic violence cases where victims are harmed with a gun or knife, abusers can try to kill their loved ones by strangulation. Yet, not all states have laws that address the severity of strangulation, therefore making it easier for the attackers to receive less severe punishments if they are convicted of this offense.

There are currently 30 states that have laws making strangulation a felony. Last week the governor of Virginia signed a new law making it a felony to intentionally restrict someone's breathing. California, South Dakota and Tennessee state legislatures also passed similar laws recently. Now, police in some states are being trained to recognize some of the signs of strangulation such as bloodshot eyes and a raspy voice. If you're a victim of domestic violence and have been subjected to physical abuse, contact Hutchinson Law today to enlist the immediate help of an experienced Jacksonville family lawyer from our office.