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Protect Yourself by Documenting Child Support Payments


Getting divorced is never easy, especially when children are involved. Figuring out how much child support to pay, how to pay it and for how long can be stressful for both parties. In the most extreme cases, one parent may even claim that the other is not making regular payments, even when they are. To protect yourself from such allegations, it is important to retain a Jacksonville family law attorney to better understand your legal rights. Additionally, it is important to document all child support payments that are made to your former partner or spouse. This ensures that you have a record of all payments should your case be brought to court.

When making child support payments, another measure you can take to ensure you have a long-standing record of your payments is to pay via a check instead of cash. Checks are cashed through banks that keep records which you can access if you are ever accused of failing to pay child support in Florida. Have you been consistently making your support payments, but find that you are accused of being delinquent? Get a Jacksonville divorce lawyer involved now by contacting Hutchinson Law today so you can avoid additional legal problems!