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Can the Internet Have a Poor Effect on Your Marriage?


The modern tool of the internet really can do anything beyond our wildest dreams, we are able to research any information we desire, about any location or time period, we are able to shop, pay bills, find a relationship, watch shows and movies; what can’t the internet do? While it may not be able to teleport you to a desired location, it can give people the opportunity to bring other places into your home, through pictures or videos and the like. Sadly, with the ability to access to anything, marriages are being broken because of a spouse’s addiction to pornography or even finding new lovers on the internet.

Pornography and extramarital relationships are not the only problems that can be caused by the internet for married couples, it also creates an avenue for which couples can publicly shame one another in the process of the divorce. There have been countless cases in which a spouse will discover that their husband or wife is leaving them because of a Facebook post, and then during the process Facebook becomes an avenue for which the spouses will choose to speak unkindly of one another. This is not only harming the relationship between the two married people, and possibly soon to be divorced, but it is also going to hurt any family members who are able to see this tension, particularly the children.

The internet is a poor choice when wanting to speak bad about your spouse or ex, because it can cause a lot of pain and confusion when the children see their parents acting in that way. In the event that you have chosen to file for a divorce, technology and the internet may be a very useful tool for you as you are fighting to receive what is rightfully yours after the divorce or seek the custody of the children. Many cases will use the help of internet messages to help prove the instability of a spouse to raise the children after divorce, etc.

Ultimately, it is important to know that technology or the internet itself is never the actual one to blame for an addiction to inappropriate materials or even another relationship, it comes down to the person and unfortunately if they want to have an affair it is likely that it would have happened whether or not they had an email account. Going through a divorce can be both a hard and sad time to experience, though in time wounds can and will heal. If you or someone you know is considering filing for divorce, contact Hutchinson Law today for the divorce attorney you deserve!