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I Pay Alimony to My Ex: Can the Payments Be Modified?


After a divorce, there is a chance that one spouse will be required by law to make alimony payments to their ex. Alimony is awarded to a spouse, either husband or wife, for various reasons. In some situations one spouse could have been a stay at home parent, and therefore a divorce will send them out into the world without a job and a means of living, alimony could be determined by the court to help the ex-spouse get back on their feet. The length of alimony payments is specific for each case; it can either be for a period or permanent.

Alimony may also be given due to the standard of living that the spouse was used to, and the divorce would affect that. In the event that a spouse is awarded child custody, alimony may also be given as a means of helping for extra health requirements on behalf of the child or in the event that the spouse was ill, alimony may help them make their payments. There are situations that may call for the spouse who is paying alimony to request modifications on their payments.

If this is you, perhaps you lost your job or had your pay cut, then you would want to seek to pay less in alimony to your ex as a means of surviving on your lower income. In the event that you become ill or injured and it affects your finances, the court may be able to determine that your payments be decreased or terminated. Having a family attorney on your side during this time will be helpful as you fight to make lower payments.

Perhaps your ex has received a new job or increase in pay; they have been remarried, etc. you may apply to have the payments decreased or terminated as well. If your ex decides to move in with another person and is in an intimate relationship with them, you may be able to seek to pay less. Over time your ex may become stable on their own, and may no longer need your support now that they are back on their feet with a stable job, this too is grounds for applying for a modification.

The weight of making alimony payments may be a burden, especially in the event that an emergency happens and you are forced to come up with a large sum of money. Whether this is a serious illness or accident, or another member of your family requires help, this may call for modification as well. As you can see there are many sides to alimony payments as well as seeking to change or terminate the payments. Contact Hutchinson Law for a divorce attorney who can walk you through these steps and help you with your case. Call us today for more information!