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Is the "Parent Trap" Romance Possible for Couples Today?


Most of us have seen the movie, or at least heard about “The Parent Trap.” It is a fun movie that was remade in the 90’s about two twin girls who were estranged at birth when their parents divorced. In the story the two girls meet while at a summer camp, and they not only discover their similarities, they become friends. They decide to switch places after their summer away so they have the chance to meet their other biological parent. At the end of the story, they work their twin magic and help rekindle the love that the parents once new, and the movie ends with them marrying again and becoming the family they always dreamed of.

Picturesque isn’t it? Many people wonder, is a fairytale romance like this even possible these days, or does a divorce mean everything is final, forever? Studies show that for marriages today, half of the couples will at some point end in a divorce. Out of that group of divorced couples, it is said that only about 6% of those ex-spouses choose to get remarried after they have gone through a divorce. While that number seems small, the study done by Nancy Kalish, a professor at Cal State University of Sacramento, discovered that around 72% of those rekindled lovers who marry again actually stay together.

When doing her research, Kalish interviewed many family and divorce attorneys, and one man in Philadelphia claims that out of his years of helping couples divorce, he did see maybe five of them reunited years later. It is not common for divorced spouses to rekindle their love and choose to make their union official again, but in some cases their hearts find their way back to each other, and it is a beautiful thing indeed. A major trend in relationships like this, is that one spouse really wants the divorce, while the other one will do whatever they can to fight for the marriage. In time, some of these couples realize that after so long being apart they never were able to really move on, and they will decide to come together again.

Within this small realm of rekindled marriages, there is often a major even that takes place and caused the rift in the marriage. For many couples it is the accident of cheating on your spouse, and a lot of times for the other partner it is hard to forgive. One couple in the study claims that their divorce process took those 2 years to get through, and once it was finalized it wasn’t long after that they realized they still needed each other. They share that during the divorce they maintained in close contact, and even as they dated other people they still longed to be back with each other.

Marriage and divorce can be a tricky thing, sometimes the idea of committing to one person for a lifetime can be overwhelming and soon after the couple will divorce. There are times though when couples realize, even after years of being apart, that they truly were kindred spirits and meant to be together again. While marriage, divorce and remarriage may not be for everyone, it is possible. Who knows, perhaps after a decade of being divorced, you and your spouse will be refreshed and ready to come together again. Every relationship is different, and for some, divorce is the best option. If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, contact Hutchinson Law today to discuss your situation. We want to help you make this as smooth of a process as we can.