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Understanding the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce


When filing for a divorce, you and your spouse will fall under one of two categories: contested or uncontested. A contested divorce is often what people assume all divorces are like, messy and painful. A contested divorce means that the couple is unable, or unwilling, to come to an agreement for their divorce settlement. This creates a lot of extra conflict in the relationship, and as they try to come to agreement there is frequently something keeping them from reaching that place.

Contested divorces can be about all or some of the issues regarding a divorce. This would include child custody, child support, alimony, division of property or assets, debt, retirement and pension plans, etc. When a couple is unable to reach their settlement, even with the help of their attorney or mediator, it is common that these cases will go to the court for a decision.

On the other hand, an uncontested divorce is one in which the couple is willing to make an agreement that is fair for both of them. Uncontested is quite common for couples who are divorcing, and it also can pave the way for more comfortable interactions with each other down the road. This is helpful in the event that children are involved and you will be required to interact still on a fairly regular basis.

Whichever situation you are in, with the help of an experienced family and divorce attorney it is a satiation that is possible to go through. While it may not be the easiest time of your life, it will get better eventually. Contact Hutchinson Law for a family and divorce attorney who is ready to help you! We have years of experience under our belts, and have helped both contested and uncontested divorcees walk through their situation. Call us today to discuss your situation and we can get started on your road to divorce.