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Creating a Manageable Joint Custody Arrangement


Creating an effective joint custody arrangement is a very beneficial part of parenting after a divorce. While there may be families that are unable for one reason or another to work together in a custody agreement, there are also many parents who equally desire to be involved in the lives of their children and therefore it is essential to create a joint custody schedule that works. Here are a few different approaches that have proven to work well for various families when dealing with shared custody. Fear not, you will be able to find a good routine in due time, it just may take a while to get to the point.

A common method for parents is to have one week with the kids and then one week off. Usually this method is common for parents who still live in the same area, and the children will have no problem making it to school or their extracurricular activities. Not only is this an effective way for parents to spend a longer chunk of time with the kids but it also helps them see their kids in a more normal environment because within a week time they are likely to feel more at home than if they rotated every few days. These time frames won’t count for the holidays, those will likely be established during the divorce settlement, and fit into the different holiday times and vacation time that the children will be at one parents home.

Next would be called a 3 to 4 day split, and every week it will rotate so that out of every 2 weeks, each parent will be with the kids for 7 days exactly. This is a nice method for parents who want to see the kids more frequently, though it does still free up the parents to have a few nights off every couple days. Also, this gives each parent a chance to have a weekend day with the kids, whether it is Saturday or Sunday, you two would be able to decide. Weekends are a nice way to have family time that isn’t disturbed by work or school and everything in between.

Even more frequently would be the 2-2-3 days split. And this too would give parents a chance for some alone time, and every other weekend could be split, and so one. It is also nice for parents who alternate weekends with the kids, so that they also have the freedom to recover alone from the divorce as well as get back out into the dating world eventually. Lastly, there is an option for actually splitting days so that each parent is able to see their kids on a daily basis. Split custody would look like how the parents worked together when they were married almost. One parent would take the kids to school and maybe pick them up and hang it them, while the other one takes them home for dinner and they sleep at that parents house. Usually with day split home, one parent will have the kids live there while the other parent is just very involved in their daily happenings.

Going through a divorce can involve a lot of change, particularly when dealing with establishing the custody of your children. They are considered to be some of the most specified people in a parent’s life, and choosing a manageable child custody arrangement is going to help the parents stay involved in the lives of their kids. If you or someone you know is considering filing for a divorce, contact Hutchinson Law today for a trusted Jacksonville divorce attorney who can walk you through the process, and answer any legal questions you may have.