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Ex-Parte Restraining Orders for Victims of Domestic Violence


When involved in a violent marriage relationship, not only are you placing yourself at risk, but also if you have children they are being placed at risk as well. When you are in one of these situations, there is a means for which you can receive an “ex-parte” restraining order. This means that it is an emergency and needs immediate attention. What this form does it is effective immediately, and then a court date will be ordered in which all parties involved will be required to attend. Though, during that waiting period there is the restraining order to protect the spouse from any further abuse during that time.

Before filing this form, you will need to make sure that you have the list of names of all those who need protection, a thorough description of what took place and how often, as well as where those who need protection will live. Then you will want to contact your local courthouse for an emergency restraining order, and generally you will want to go to a court house that is in your county because of certain regulations. Knowing all of the details of what has happened with the abusive spouse is essential, write those down in detail for the record.

Also be specific with how your children were affected by the abuse, did they see it, was it towards them, how often, and so on. You need to be prepared, because it is very likely that the abuser will argue against your claims, and create as detailed of a story as they can in order to point the blame at you instead. Lastly, contact a family and divorce attorney as soon as possible to have someone on your side during this process. They will also be able to walk you through the legal ramifications of the domestic violence as well as help you consider filing for a divorce. Contact Hutchinson Law today for more information!