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Senior Citizens: Difficulties of Marriage and Divorce


For couples that have been together for decades, marriage can be a beautiful thing. They have shared their bond of love for so many years, and many times are still madly in love. However, just like the younger world, they too have problems within their marriage and some will end in divorce even at their older age. It is true, more and more older couples are filing for a divorce these days, and yet for them choosing to divorce may actually be even harder financially for them than a couple who has been married for less time.

Over time, couples' shared property accumulates, and for a married pair that has been together going on 50 years, they have shared quite a few things in their time. Many times their investments have also accumulated a lot of value throughout the years, and when a couple decides to divorce and try to split these things, it can become a bitter argument. Not only is it difficult for them to split their property, but also their retirement plans, social security, taxes, etc. will all be effected and the process may be a little more intense for them than a couple who was only married for ten years.

Another common marriage problem between even senior citizens is the desire to pursue new goals, and have new adventures before their dying day. One spouse may want to drop everything and travel the world, while the other wants to just sit on the front porch and drink coffee every morning and grow old with their spouse. People grow apart, even when they have been together for so many years.

Whatever the case may be, if an older couple decides to file for divorce, it is important to know that the process may be a little more intricate as opposed to a younger couple, though it is entirely possible. Today, more and older people are divorcing and pursuing their dreams. If you or someone you know is considering a divorce, contact the law office of Hutchinson Law today for more information.