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Paying Support for a Child that is Not Yours?


What happens when you have been faithfully paying child support for years only to learn that the child is not yours? This is a difficult situation but, with the help of a Jacksonville family law attorney, there are solutions you can explore. However, depending on the situation, you may be forced to continue paying child support even if it is not your biological child.

When the court system is considering a case like this, it always takes into account the well-being of the child above and beyond the needs of the non-biological parent. In fact, they will claim that the child is the victim, not the parent who finally discovers that the child is not his.

The courts have taken on the term "Parentage by Estoppel" which means that since you accepted the duty to take care of the child monetarily, you must continue your duty until the end of your agreed-upon term. Ultimately courts must answer the question "what is in the best interest of the child?" If they determine that the non-biological parent is the best way to maintain the child's well-being, then that parent could be asked to continue to pay child support.

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