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Marital Agreements Explained


Many people have questions when it comes to marital agreements. Perhaps the most pressing questions are "what are they?" and "what do they do?"

Marital agreements are legally binding contracts that are signed before or after two people get married. These agreements outlines the terms of what will happen if one spouse dies, leaves or the couple goes through a divorce. Marital agreements include provisions that pertain to the couple's assets, property and income. They outline how property will be distributed and essentially detail who gets what.

Due to the fact that marital agreements are legally binding and the laws that surround contracts of this nature vary state-to-state, it is important that people who are considering agreements in Florida speak with a Jacksonville family lawyer.

At Hutchinson Law, we work closely with people who are planning to create post-nuptial and pre-nuptial agreements. We can help you draft your marital agreement and ensure that the contract is in compliance with the laws of Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our family law services!