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Protecting Your Rights as a Father


All too often, the rights of fathers are overlooked, especially during family law proceedings. Traditionally, mothers were the ones who were awarded child support and child custody, but as the years have evolved, so too have father's rights. Now, more and more fathers are experiencing the same advantages that mothers have for decades as the laws have changed to protect the bonds fathers have with their children.

Anytime fathers are going through a family law matter and they have reason to believe that their parental rights have been violated, it is important that they speak with a Jacksonville father's rights attorney at Hutchinson Law. For years, our law office has been working with fathers throughout the state of Florida who have merely wanted to preserve the relationships they have with their children.

At Hutchinson Law, we are strong advocates of father's rights and always do all that we can to preserve relationships between dads and their kids. Whether clients are involved in heated child custody battles or need their child support payments modified, Hutchinson Law can protect your parental rights.

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