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Getting Child Support Payments on Time


If you are not receiving child support payments on time in the state of Florida, know that you have legal options at your disposal. One such option is known as an enforcement action. When parents obtain enforcement actions, the court will file judgments against non-paying parents. This may lead to individuals receiving liens against their real property, like their homes.

According to the laws of Florida, all court orders must be followed, including orders for child support payments. If parents are not receiving their child support payments, they can contact the Florida Department of Revenue's Child Support Enforcement service. By taking this step, parents may be able to obtain an Income Deduction Order, which will allow for employer's to deduct child support payments from non-paying parents' paychecks.

As you can see, when you are not receiving child support, you do have options. The key to becoming aware of your options is consulting with a Jacksonville family lawyer. Contact Hutchinson Law today to learn more.