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Considering a Prenuptial Agreement


Nobody wants to think about their marriage ending before they have even walked down the aisle, but signing a prenuptial agreement is not as scary as it may sound.

While prenuptial agreements are often associated with the rich and famous, more and more "regular" people are opting to sign them. If you have certain assets that you will bring into the marriage, such as property and/or a business, you may want to seriously consider asking your partner to sign a prenuptial agreement. These contracts are even more important when one person or both have children from previous marriages. A prenup ensures that the children will have access to certain assets/funds in the case of a divorce.

Depending on what state you get married in, the laws regarding property division can differ. For example, in states like California where community property laws are in place, the divorcing couple must split their property 50/50. In this case, a prenuptial agreement would prevent this from happening and give the couple more control over their own assets.

Want to learn how a prenuptial agreement can protect your assets and wealth? Contact a Jacksonville family lawyer from our firm. Our Jacksonville family law attorneys can listen to your concerns, offer advice, and help you draft a solid prenup.