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Rights Through Cohabitation Agreements


Studies show that the number of couples that choose to live together without getting married has tripled over the past two decades. Depending on what state you reside in, you may or may not be entitled to some of the same legal privileges that your married counterparts enjoy.

In some states, a common law marriage gives a couple legal benefits after a certain period of time. If a couple has been living together as a committed couple for the minimum period of time required by a common law marriage, they can then become eligible for certain legal rights. Even if you never plan on marrying your partner, you will want to seriously consider completing a cohabitation agreement that grants partner rights and protections.

In the case of a separation or death, a cohabitation agreement outlines what will happen to each party. This can be anything from issues concerning children from the current or past relationship, property, hospital visitation rights and other legal concerns.

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