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Military Divorce and Child Custody & Support Cases


Although a civilian divorce and a military divorce are often similar in procedure, the process can become seriously complicated when children are involved in both cases.

As with any child custody and/or support case, a judge will make a final decision based on what he/she determines to be best for the child. In the case of a military divorce, the judge will have to consider the deployments of one or both parents, as well as the financial situations of both.

In order to get a complete picture of what the child's life will be like post-divorce, the judge will look at the health and age of the parents, what the child itself prefers, how stable the living environment is, as well as the ability of the military parent(s) to spend time with the child.

In addition to child care, the divorcing couple must look at how the benefits that are given to service members will be allotted post-divorce. If the parent raising the child needs access to such things as retirement or pension pay, healthcare or commissary rights, this will need to be addressed in court as well.

If you need help through your military divorce, contact a Jacksonville military divorce attorney from our law office. Our Jacksonville family lawyers can be of great assistance to you during this contentious time.