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Avoid Emotional Topics during Child Custody Exchanges


Once both parents have agreed to the terms of a child custody agreement, the child will be transported between both residences. Depending on the terms of the agreement, this can be done on a daily basis, on the weekends, or every other week. Each time both parents are present with the child it is called a child custody exchange. When a divorce is fresh for both parties, these exchanges can be tricky as emotions are involved.

It is easy for one party or the other to attempt to discuss emotional topics during exchanges, but family law attorneys and psychologists alike agree that you cannot use a child custody exchange to discuss personal information with your partner. Instead, it is important that you keep these exchanges as neutral as possible and discuss problems with your former spouse/partner at a time when your children are not present. By doing this, you will prevent your children from seeing and hearing things that may be upsetting to them. If you have split child custody and have found that exchanges are becoming difficult, you should take the time to speak with a Jacksonville family attorney immediately. Contact Hutchinson Law now to learn how you can take measures to make child custody exchanges less tumultuous.