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Florida Changes Law for Domestic Violence Victims


Florida has included language to an old bill that would help victims of domestic violence. Once the law goes into effect, victims could apply for unemployment benefits. The bill, known as Senate Bill 1440, was passed by the Florida Senate Commerce and Tourism committee last week. It amended previous unemployment compensation laws to include domestic violence as a "good cause" to become eligible for benefits. In order to qualify, the person must show that going back to work will significantly jeopardize that person's safety or the well-being of the family.

Not just anyone will qualify for this type of unemployment coverage, however. The victim must prove to the court that he/she was in fact a victim of domestic violence. This can be done by showing the judge a restraining order, an injunction or other documentation that might be confidential. Now that the law has been approved by the committee, it still needs to be enacted officially into state law. Were you subjected to abuse in your relationship? Contact Hutchinson Law now to obtain a restraining order and speak with a Jacksonville family law attorney about additional protections.