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Protect Yourself and Talk Openly About a Prenuptial Agreement


While there are many financial decisions that you will make over the course of a lifetime, perhaps the most important one is deciding to get married. And with such a high divorce rate in America, that means the second most important financial decision may be getting a divorce. Most people think about a lifetime of shared happiness when they decide to get married. What they may not think about immediately is how your finances will be mixed with your spouse's. In many cases, one spouse will wind up contributing more money to the financial pot which can make divorce even trickier.

That is why you should consider signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married. Do not think of this as a document that signals the impending doom of your marriage. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to discuss your finances openly with your spouse, a conversation that may be more revealing than you think. Once you have a prenuptial agreement in place, your assets and wealth will remain intact should you decide to file for divorce. To learn how a prenup may be of value to you, contact Hutchinson Law now and set up a consultation with a knowledgeable Jacksonville family law attorney.