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Texan Lawmakers Pass New Law to Address Paternity Disputes


Texan lawmakers have decided to address paternity-related conflicts in the state by passing Senate Bill 785. Before the bill was passed, men could only request a paternity test before they had been legally declared biological fathers. This meant that men who were persuaded into signing a birth certificate, deceived into believing that they were the father or even missed a special court date would not have the chance to request paternity testing.

Under the new law, which was signed by Governor Rick Perry, fathers can now petition the court for paternity tests. This law is meant to safeguard men who believe that they are not the biological fathers and wish to avoid certain obligations, such as paying child support. If a paternity test reveals that a man is not the biological father, he can request the court remove his name from the birth certificate and absolve him of any financial obligations to the child in question. Do you have questions or concerns about a recent paternity action or child support matter? If so, take the time to speak with a Jacksonville family attorney from our team who can provide you with answers and direction by contacting Hutchinson Law to arrange your case evaluation.