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DNA Testing Now Being Used for Health Insurance Coverage?


Some insurance companies are now requiring men to prove their paternity before they can obtain coverage for their child under their health insurance policy. The only way to prove one's paternity is by taking a DNA test, so many men are getting DNA tests in order to obtain the proof they need to enroll their children on their insurance policy.

DNA testing is the most accurate method of confirming the biological father a child, and often the only proof accepted by insurance companies and the court. If you need help establishing paternity, an attorney at Hutchinson Law can help. Matters involving paternity are often complex. Sometimes the DNA testing services used are not recognized by the courts or the insurance company you are dealing with, and therefore you may need a second test. Other times the child's mother may get in the way by contesting your paternity. At Hutchinson Law, you can rest assured you will receive help and guidance from an experienced Jacksonville paternity lawyer who is truly committed to protecting your interests and helping you achieve what you set out to do.

Particularly in regards to health insurance coverage, we can help whether you are trying to get your child included in your policy, or if a woman is claiming you are the father of her child and wants you to provide coverage. If you don't think the child is yours, we can help you obtain a paternity test. If the test results indicate you are not the biological father you will not be held responsible for providing insurance coverage.

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