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Interested in Applying for a Name Change?


Filing for a name change is one of the most common aspects of a paternity dispute. Once a child's parentage has officially been determined, it's not unusual for the parents to want to change the child's name to reflect that of his biological father, or if it was proven that a man is not the child's father, to change the name to the mother's last name.

While applying for a name change may seem pretty cut-and-dry, things can actually get quite complex, especially when one parent decides to refute the change. Whether you want to change your child's name or you want to protect your child's name from being changed, a skilled Jacksonville paternity lawyer at Hutchinson Law can help. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain the results of a paternity test before the courts will grant or reject a name change, so if you are interested in establishing paternity or disestablishing paternity, an attorney at the office can help you with that.

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A paternity attorney at Hutchinson Law can also help if you would like to change your name, either because you have gotten married or divorce or because you simply do not like your given name. As with any legal procedure or application, things can quickly get delayed or hindered when the appropriate course of action isn't taken.

To ensure you take the proper steps in applying for a name change, please feel free to contact a Jacksonville paternity lawyer at Hutchinson Law today!